Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lust Inferno and Marathon (Vinegar Syndrome Peekarama)

It’s Tobalina time again at Vinegar Syndrome with a double feature filled with orgies. These are two of the less ambitious in terms of locations or set up and story. The focus in Lust Inferno and Marathon… lots of sexy. Orgies. Televangelism. Releasing demons. You know… the stuff of wholesome family entertainment. Both movies are from 1982 and feature a star list that may really look like your grocery list or perhaps your bucket list.

Lust Inferno and Marathon can be purchase now or you can buy the package deal for September and save some money.

Single disc:


Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm camera negatives
+ LUST INFERNO commentary track with actor William Margold

Lust Inferno

From Vinegar Syndrome:

William Margold stars as a vicious televangelist who gets his kicks from abusing and humiliating beautiful young women, all the while unaware of the debauched lifestyle enjoyed by his voluptuous wife and nubile daughters. It all comes together in a shocking surprise ending!

Lust Inferno follows the strange exploits of a televangelist who like to torture tied up and blindfolded women. Little do these women know that they are missing a genuinely strange lookin’ dude on the other side of that mask. Of course his wife and daughter aren’t leading a repressed life and their adventurous sexual appetite is the focus of many of the adult scenes in the movie.

This isn’t a typical Tobalina production in that it doesn’t have a grand opening with a great big, original song for the movie. No wide shot of San Fran. An orgy/group sex of course, but this is 1982. I think the industry was catching up with Tobalina and he started producing movies that featured fucking over plot and production value. Still the transfer looks excellent, and it’s shot well. I suppose if the televangelist makes you laugh before you cum than the movie has done its job.

The cover features poster art from both features.


From Vinegar Syndrome:

Everyone is invited to the sex party to end all sex parties! An all star cast, including Sharon Mitchell, Mai Lin, Drea, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, and Big John Holmes have the wildest orgy ever caught on film in this Tobalina Classic.

Now Marathon… is impossible to review. The basic concept is one long fuck fest in a few locations with a pile of stars. It has no true plot. It has everything from costumes to a hospital location. Count Dracula even shows up for the fang bang. There’s a whole host of varied styles, positions, anal, oral, groupings of all kinds and ethnicities.

I think the one thing you need to take away from Marathon. The single most important lesson you’ll ever learn from watching adult feature. You DO NOT cum on another man’s ball in a DP. Especially if they aren’t shorn.

My only complaint is that Gillis is under utilized as the sexual animal he is. I suppose the penis nose mask makes up for that (say what?).

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