Monday, October 5, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 5: Haunted House

 I've been in a few haunted houses over the years. Some "real". Some created by humans in order to scare each other for fun. I've been to the Bates Motel in PA, Headless Horseman in NY. The Fright Dome in Nevada. I got to visit the Goratorium before it closed in Vegas and went through the haunted attraction at Madame Tussauds in Vegas. I remember going to Blairsden and trying to find Colby Mansion before it burned to the ground. Henryville House in PA, Shades of Death Road, Clinton Road... even the Haunted House at the Land of Make Believe... lots of spooky places that were a whole lotta fun.

The ultimate for me was Castle Dracula on the boardwalk in Wildwood NJ. It's gone now. It burned to the fucking ground and that makes me so angry that I can barely even discuss it. It was my first haunt. I remember a few things from my visit. I remember a man jumping out of a picture when the lights dropped as a storm rumbled around us yelling and screaming. We then got to stare at body parts dangling in a mad scientists lab. One of the most terrifying things for a young me (Maybe I was 4 or 5) was to watch a woman go to the Guillotine and have her last request be to have me be next. "Take the little blond boy next"! Her head was chopped off. Blood drooled into a bucket. It was brilliant. The whole thing ended with a strange, tight room where I was forced to stare at a strobe lit Frankenstein. It was very loud and I cried.

Then I went back... again and again... year after year. It was expensive, but my parents always took me back. They even had an underground, boat ride that wasn't terrible and the fake spiders kinda killed me. Each year they'd adjust a few things in the house. One year the walls would appear to close as if they were going to crush us. Another you'd go high into the castle and walk around able to see the outskirts of the amusement pier from high above. It was breathtaking and then it was dark and evil again. The whole thing reminds me now of a Hammer Horror picture. It was perfectly Gothic, well acted and filled grue and gore and the gooey stuff.

I'll repost all the great articles and videos of it. I thank those that documented it so well.
Awesome writeup. We shared some of the pics from their amazing site. They appear to be selling a DVD which I only realized today. I will definitely pick one up.

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  1. I have fond memories of my one visit to Wildwood and to Dracula's Castle - great photos! Thank you!