Sunday, November 1, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 28: Underrated Character

Annie from Halloween is completely underrated and seems to only exist as comic relief to many, but she really is one of the first lines of defense in helping to save Laurie Strode’s life. Without Annie babysitting across the street from Laurie, Laurie simply gets killed by Michael Myers plain and simple. Myers has no reason to stall, go across the street and kill Laurie’s friends. He can just go straight to work. That’s all due to Annie’s babysitting job. Furthermore, Annie is able to foil one of Myer’s traps (the locked laundry room door) even in the face of strange obstacles.

She has one hell of a bod (Nancy Loomis… please be reading this and know that you are definitely a hottie … even in Halloween III). That man’s dress shirt, underwear combo is super sexy, she has the greatest hair. I think I dated a girl once because she absolutely looked like Annie (and she was super nice too). Funny enough I also dated someone who looked like Linda (though she was not nice and totally not as cool as PJ Soles).

Also, Annie gives us a really fun sing song “Oh Paul” that was apparently written by the late Debra Hill. For me that helps me to remember Debra Hill and also provides a humorous offset to a rather long, campy kill that still has me check the back seat of my car (even though I’d already be dead the minute I checked and found a Shatner masked piece of pure evil in the back seat). 

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