Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bound to Vengeance (Scream Factory/IFC Midnight Blu-ray)

I hadn’t heard of Bound to Vengeance prior to seeing the IFC/Scream Factory announcement. There have been quite a few revenge movies released recently; revenge movies with female leads; revenge movies that require some kind of mystery to be unraveled over the life of a movie in order to understand the motivation and chance for success of our female protagonist (or at times antagonist). Final Girl is one. Gun Woman from Scream Factory is another. Both are excellent and Bound to Vengeance keeps the pace going strong for this slight wander into a subgenre that seems to come straight from Japanese action thrillers. Scream Factory and IFC Midnight team up to delivery the official selection of 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

This is a new, independent movie that looks great in HD. The disc doesn’t have extras and the cover art is new (this is not a retro title). The reverse is stills from the movie.

What’s to enjoy? With every girl our protagonist discovers or has to save or has to fight the plot thickens. Each step is a guessing game that evolves the plot and does so with some extreme violence that is novel and vicious. Does our leading lady get it right each time? Does she uncover each layer of riddle in such a way that will allow her to succeed at freeing her fellow women? You’ll vacillate between feeling as though you’ve won a game of Clue and lost a game of checkers.

Tina Ivlev gives a strong, action packed performance. She’s not afraid to get the red stuff on her and the movie isn’t afraid to get sadistic. Fans of Japanese revenge thrillers should apply especially if you’ve enjoyed Gun Woman or Final Girl (not Final Girls).

You can order your copy now.

From Scream Factory

Official Selection Of The 2015 Sundance Film Festival – Park City At Midnight
Eve (Tina Ivlev) breaks free after being chained in a basement and abused for 9 months by a manipulative psychopath. Instead of fleeing, she discovers there are other girls just like her scattered around town. Now fueled with rage, she must force her captor to become the captive and lead her to the other girls… before it's too late.

This gritty, high-octane thriller also stars Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down) and Bianca Malinowski (Halt And Catch Fire).

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