Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kill Game (Cinedigm DVD)

Let’s keep my thoughts on Kill Game short and sweet. Hey look it’s I Know What You Did Last Summer. Oh and there’s a killer with a pretty neat mask that kills ever so violently, but fails to deliver scares, jump or otherwise and simply offers bloodlettings on queue in formulaic fashion with an unoriginal, modern slasher tale that tries to capitalize on a mask on a lot of the red stuff to sell the movie.

I can’t recommend Kill Game because there’s nothing fun in it. There acting is flat and predictable as is the story, and the end is the end of every modern slasher movie, thrust, repeat.

You can order Kill Game now:

From Cinedigm:

KILL GAME begins as a group of good-looking, shallow high school teens amuse themselves by pulling pranks on less popular classmates and teachers. However the teasing is not so harmless when one night, a prank goes horribly wrong and an innocent boy is killed. Covering their tracks by masking the incident as a drowning accident, the group lives with the horrible secret for years, never realizing that their actions will soon haunt them, with deadly results.

Five years later, they are shocked when one of them is murdered by a sinister serial killer donning a frightening mask. Soon, each of the group of friends is hunted down one by one in a manner that eerily mirrors the pranks they once pulled in high school. Whether it’s karmic retribution, or the dead teen’s spirit out for blood, one thing is certain…no one is laughing now.