Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Scares and The Scores - Celebrating the Release of Deathgasm!

You’re about to witness something truly great with the new Heavy Metal Horror movie from New Zealand called Deathgasm. You can ready my full review HERE, and make sure to support the release on VOD and physical media when it finally arrives. Dark Sky Films is lucky to have this one. In honor of the release of Deathgasm, we are putting out a few favorites from Heavy Metal Horror movies in a playlist. This will be music from movies with major Heavy Metal themes where the music or band is integrated into the plot as opposed to Heavy Metal music from great Horror movies (we’ll do that too).  Think Trick or Treat, Rocktober Blood, Rock N’ Roll Nightmare. Slaughter House Rock.

Spray the Aquanet proudly and check out this tribute to Deathgasm. The history of Heavy Metal Horror is great before you. You have done the subgenre proud.

Details on this column:

For those of you who listen to the HorrorSexy podcast or read this site, you know that I’m a bit of a soundtrack junkie. I collect soundtracks whether they are on vinyl, CD, even tape as well as digital files. I even love to create playlists on YouTube and Soundcloud and nothing excites me more than a mixtape from a talented MC. I wanted to start a regular column that picks a year or topic and then offers a look at my favorite scores from that year. These may not be the most popular soundtracks from that year or topic, but they could be. It’s a matter of taste.

I’ll be posting either the score/soundtrack or the trailer of a movie featuring the score or soundtrack in a playlist with a few notes about the year in general. Feel free to let me know which movies are your favorite from a given year or topic. I’ll be including about ten in the playlist, but I may on occasion do a runner up playlist. Some lists will be longer based on the topic especially if it is a comprehensive list of a particular topic.

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