Sunday, January 3, 2016

White of the Eye (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

When I see David Keith’s name on a movie I always do a double take. David Keith… or Keith David. I laugh at myself completely knowing that the two actors couldn’t be any more different if they tried, but it’s a force of habit. Furthermore I enjoy them both and while White of the Eye actually felt like a very slow burn, ultra-semi-psychotical, pretentious piece of 80’s thriller that belong on Cinemax only at 2am, I was still able to find enjoyment in White of the Eye because of David Keith’s performance.

Scream Factory has given us a handsome looking transfer that includes some attractive extras. You get a commentary, two new interviews, deleted scenes that also include commentary and a “flashback sequences prior to the “bleach bypass process”. You’ll notice some of this movie looks a little odd and Scream Factory even disclaims this before the movie opens. It was an artistic statement by the filmmaker. I’m not a fan of the look personally, but it is unique.

I can understand fully why Scream Factory put this release out. It clearly has a cult following and there’s a creepy air about it in some of the lackluster killings. I didn’t find the movie to be obvious and the ending was quite solid. I find that often mid-80’s movies that burn slow lose me.

Listen out for the score from Nick Mason and Rick Fenn.

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From Scream Factory

If you're a wealthy, attractive woman, stay out of Arizona, because you are fair game. A twisted killer is on the loose and he tortures and dissects his beautiful victims as part of a primitive Indian ritual. All the clues lead to one man who is clearly innocent. But nothing is as simple as black and white in White Of The Eye.

David Keith (An Officer And A Gentleman, Firestarter, Daredevil) and Cathy Moriarty (Raging Bull, Casper) star in this shocking mystery-thriller co-written and directed by Donald Cammell (Demon Seed and co-director of Performance). The film also features an eclectic score by Nick Mason (Pink Floyd) and Rick Fenn (10cc).

Bonus Features

NEW Into The Vortex – An Interview With Actor Alan Rosenberg
NEW Eye Of The Detective – An Interview With Actor Art Evans
Audio Commentary By Donald Cammell Biographer Sam Umland
Deleted Scenes With Commentary By Sam Umland
Into The White - An Interview With Cinematographer And Steadicam Operator Larry McConkey
Alternate Credit Sequence

Flashback Sequences Prior To The Bleach Bypass Process

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