Saturday, April 16, 2016

CLOWN In Select Theaters and Available On Demand June 17, 2016... FINALLY

I had picked up a release of Clown on Blu-ray, Region B out of Europe a year ago. I just got excited and figured that I wanted to see the movie as soon as possible even though I was certain it would get a US release the minute my copy arrived. It came with a nice red case, limited to X number of pieces and was absolutely creepy. Totally worth picking it up. And then I waited. And waited. And waited for the US Blu-ray to hit, and it STILL hasn't hit. 

The good news? Select theaters in the US are going to get a chance to actually see this on the big screen in addition to a VOD offering June 17th. I'm sure shortly thereafter we'll get a Blu-ray release and all will be right with the world. Let me know what you think of this clown Horror picture in all its brutality, ingenuity, gristle and grime.

Show Anchor Bay how much you love clown Horror that really pops by getting to theater or paying for a VOD release. 

From Anchor Bay:


In Select Theaters and Available On Demand June 17, 2016

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (April 14, 2016) – Dimension Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment are proud to present the theatrical and On Demand release of the Eli Roth (Knock Knock, Hostel franchise) produced horror/thriller CLOWN. Directed by Jon Watts, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Christopher Ford, the film stars Peter Stormare (Fargo), Laura Allen (TV’s “All My Children,” “The 4400”) and Elizabeth Whitmere (The Last Hitman). “CLOWN is a must see bloodbath,” Shaun Huhn,

A unique, frightening and disturbing take on evil clowns, Dimension Films will distribute CLOWN in theaters on June 17, 2016 and simultaneously On Demand through Starz Digital.

CLOWN is a story of a loving father who dons a clown outfit and makeup to perform at his son’s sixth birthday, only to later discover that the costume – red nose and wig included– will not come off and his own personality changes in a horrific fashion. To break the curse of the evil outfit, the father must make grim choices with his own family facing danger.

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