Sunday, September 11, 2016

BODY GIRLS and LET'S GET PHYSICAL (Vinegar Syndrome DVD Double Feature)

We have a new Vinegar Syndrome Peekarama double feature to check out on DVD. This entry falls in line with the previous releases in terms of quality and level of importance, continuing the effort to bring Bob Chinn's work to a digital format. Much of the Peekarama series features humorous porn movies, and the first half of this double whammy is sure to make you laugh, spurt and rewatch. The second... is slow and steady and emotional. You'd always wonder whether it was directed by the same fella. Check out full details below.

You can order your copy of the new Peekarama Big 2 Unit Show now:

Body Girls

What starts off with great opening music and a high energy turns out to be one of my favorite, obscure adult features released this year. This might even make a nice pairing with Killer Workout or Death Spa. Yeah there are girls aerobicizing and weightlifting, but the key to the success of this picture is the caricatures of famous body builders. I have one name for you. Arnold. Ferrigno. That's right. A combination of the names of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. This is how you make people laugh easily especially when the actor in question tries to emulate the worst aspects of each individual and cannot successfully incorporate the impersonation into the movie. This fella is supposed to be training the women of a gym to win a competition.

Basic premise: a rival gym is sabotaging the equipment of aforementioned gym to win a competition. The saboteurs are priceless. They are totally cheese ball with some great dialogue during their planning session, giggling together and completely unaware of the misery that is about to befall them. When a female threesome leads to the discovery of the sabotage plot, the gonzo sexual torture begins. Pinning of the testicles? Strap on and douche torture? These guys are strapped to gym equipment being raped for fuck's sake!  “This one needs his ass stretched” are words that no heterosexual man ever wants to hear no matter how many scantily clad hotties are in the room. Not to spoil anything, but I don’t believe they are really fucking him in the ass. The John Candy lookin’ motherfucker does a good job of whining his way through it.

Other highlights include a massage, some girl on girl action and  a threesome with gym owner. The ending is one powerhouse gym orgy involving various partners and innuendos dealing with fitness that gives way into the competition. This plays out like an 80's sex comedy involving more cheating on behalf of the rival gym. I bet you can guess who wins this one. Lots of porn staches in this one. Lots.

The transfer and print look great especially for a DVD.

Let’s Get Physical

Another strong opening song (rember I like to point out when we have quality music numbers in porn movies). It's actually kind of punky. With a name like Let's Get Physical I was expecting more gymnasium exploits but instead we get a ballet studio.  This one has a similar cast to Body Girls, but lacks the elements that make Body Girls fun. The sex is ordinary. It's not funny. It almost has a dreamy quality to it with plenty of soft focus but also repetitive.

The quality is solid. This one is probably only for Chinn completists. It lacks a fun story, variety of sexual acts or partners.

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Two lighter films director Bob Chinn made for Caribbean Films, the incomparable Hyapatia Lee stars in a duo of electrifying roles, which again showcase both her beauty and acting talents.

In BODY GIRLS, Hyapatia Lee runs the hottest health club in town, where physical activity takes on countless meanings. When two sleazy competitors break into the club to try and sabotage it, Hyapatia and her girls gang up to give them an erotic revenge they’ll never forget.

LET’S GET PHYSICAL stars Hyapatia Lee as Maria Schmidt, a once promising ballerina now running a dance school with her sexually crippled husband, Carl (Paul Thomas). As their marriage disintegrates, Maria seeks erotic fulfillment with her students, but can true love reunite the torn couple?

Directed by: Bob Chinn
1983 / 168 minutes (combined) / Color / 1.85:1
Actors: Hyapatia Lee, Shannon McCullough, Desiree Lane, Paul Thomas, Bud Lee, Mike Horner

Features Include:
• Region free DVD
• Both films scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm pre-print elements