Wednesday, October 26, 2016

DER BUNKER (Artsploitation Films Blu-ray)


Der Bunker may be the strongest release to come out of Artsploitation this year. Here we have a movie that isn't Horror, but has unusual elements that make this future cult classic. It's challenging, taking aim at the family environment and a rather peculiar one at that. It's bold. It's pure and perfect Artsploitation material and embodies the labels title quite well.

My first instinct was to peg this as an homage to a John Waters movie albeit from Germany. The German aspects made distinguish what might be consider normal slightly difficult given a unique set of cultural mores an taboos to decipher. It turns out that people are alike all over and that I quickly grasped the subtle differences in our family culture. That lasted just long enough to allow the subdued insanity to settle in. What family raises a child to be president of the United States? I mean sure it's a noble goal, one that probably is attempted by blue bloods and folks with bank roll bigger than whole inner city project buildings. Of course I should add the caveat that would surely make this more than just a little eccentric a dream... the son is German. It's this kind of oddity that makes Der Bunker fun; it's a true oddball of a release that plays at humor and has moments that inspire discomfort.

This isn't a Horror picture, so go in with that in mind. While Artsploitation does Horror well and more than a few folks who discover them leave their website with full wallets, but they also find movies that are challenge viewers in other ways and with other genres. Der Bunker is madness with a shocking ending. It also has somewhat enjoyable characters with unique flaws that will allow you to empathize with them as your uttering the question, "what the fuck am I watching?"

Like John Waters and David Lynch flicks? Go for it! I'd also say if you enjoyed Amelie or Delicatessen this one is right for you as well.

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From Artsploitation:

With his surrealistic and dark, yet strangely heart-warming approach towards an unusual family’s world, DER BUNKER’s director Nikias Chryssos may well be the nephew of John Waters and the illegitimate son of David Lynch and Luis Buñuel. A student rents a windowless room in a bunker home nestled deep within a forest. Here, instead of finding tranquility for his studies, the young man becomes increasingly involved in the dramas of his landlord’s family. They include the stern father, his wife (whose swollen leg almost takes a life of its own) and their precocious 8-year-old son Klaus who, despite being German and "learning-challenged," is being home groomed to become the President of the United States. Initially friendly and welcoming, the situation becomes increasingly bizarre. A funny, visually arresting and a bit unsettling modern fairy tale.

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