Friday, October 14, 2016

GODZILLA 1984 (Section 23 Blu-ray) - Where For Art Thou, Raymond Burr?

Yes, I'm glad to have Godzilla 1984 aka Godzilla 1985 in my collection. It looks great. It is absent of extras, but it has a movie that most Kaiju fans are excited to have at home. Section 23 has done a great job with all their releases of Godzilla movies, and this is not exception.

Unless of course your one of the few fuckers like myself who is pissed that it isn't the American version with Raymond Burr added, alternative scenes, story and music and didn't include even a mention of that release since that isn't the Toho release.  I am a bitter Blu-ray fan when it comes to Godzilla 1984. Even calling it Godzilla 1984 pisses me off because I grew up with it as Godzilla 1985, but alas, this is NOT my Godzilla movie. This is the original release of the movie before it was amended for the US audience. In a sense it is more pure than the version I enjoyed growing up, and in theory I should find no flaw with it.

After first being exposed to Godzilla 1985 during Creature Feature week on Fox 5 WNYW circa 1986-87, I fell in love with the movie. I taped it off TV and enjoyed everything from the lovable yet brilliant characters to the big rubber monster looking rough and tough and ready to breath radioactive death on Tokyo. I cry at the end of the movie. After seeing it on 35mm recently I still cry. The music pull my heartstrings and Godzilla's cry is haunting.

All of that seems to have been taken from me with this release. The Dr. Pepper commercials, the station bumper for Creature Feature week, the additional plot points and even my beloved, fuzzy Raymond Burr... gone. Of course that's all nostalgia, right? All of the reasons that I am "upset" with the release are deeply personal and hold no impact to the fact that the release is quite solid. In fact, I actually appreciated the expanded story offered me by watching an unadulterated version of the movie.

I am far from a convert. I want my Godzilla 1985, but I will be okay. I think I still have my VHS tape of the original airing back in the 80's and if not, there's always this:

Order your copy now:

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