Saturday, October 29, 2016


I am not going to tell you that I hate found footage movies. I do not. I do not like The Devil's Forest; of that I am certain. It isn't the shaky cam or lack of production value or that I even believe that it's a cash grab (many of these found footage flicks feel like they are just that). Simply put... NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS. The entire movie is one long journey into the woods with random night scenes thrown in to try and find something scary for the audience. You won't like the characters enough to want them to escape the titular forest.

There are a few shitty scenes involving some fake blood that I could have put together at Party City. The ending goes full Blair Witch (the original). The opening even conveyed an initial reason to go into the woods that didn't sound terrible. So some folks got lost in the woods, and I got lost watching the movie. Over an hour of my life wasted. Please do not make the mistake I did by attempting to sit through the whole movie waiting for something redeeming. I truly hate writing reviews like this, but since I watched it, and I was sent it to review, I felt like I should warn you.

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From ITN:

Based on true events. Rachel Kusza and her team of filmmakers travel to Transylvania to document the Hoia Baciu forest. A forest with a dark history of strange occurrences, ghost sightings and countless cases of missing people. After entering the forest, the film crew were never heard from again. After searching for the film crew for two years, Howard Redman (Rachel's teacher) found the crews camera buried in the snow. Before taking his own life, Redman uploaded the footage to the internet. It shows the crews dark and horrific journey into the woods; it shows why locals refuse to enter and it shows that you can never escape your past. This video is widely referred to as The Devil's Forest. Bonus features include: Trailer.

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