Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Acid Washed remix! Claristidge collaboration! (VIDEOGRAM INSIDE)

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Spring updates!

Acid Washed remix!

Head on over to SoundCloud and check out Acid Washed's latest mix for Disco Suicide! The French duo, signed to Record Makers (Kavinsky etc.), offers up an hour's worth of dance-friendly material from a wide variety of artists such as Andrew WeatherallMoscoman, and Khidja, and even added In 2077 A.D. off my Gladiatori dell'Apocalisse EP! Check it out here.

This isn't the first time the duo has been kind to include Videogram sounds in their work. Last year they added Voorhees Stomp off my Camp Blood 10" EP on their radio show for Heartbeats. More on that here.

Claristidge collaboration!

While on the subject of Acid Washed I've got an exciting bit of news to share as me and Andrew Claristidge recently wrapped up our first collaborative effort!

As mentioned in my interview with That's Not Current, the original plan was to do a one-off thing, but things turned out so enjoyable and inspired that we've both agree we're gonna continue to do this with some regularity.

I'm not at liberty to share much more information on this project at this point, but head on over to Andrew's Instagram for a teeny-tiny work in progress teaser taste here.

Sharing these and other Videogram links on your social media pages is a super-easy way to help spreading the word - and it is much appreciated!


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