Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloodbath: The Future MTV of Horror Short Film?

I recently heard about an up and coming horror website that plans to feature some great material. Think of it as the MTV of horror only instead of music videos they'll be showing horror movie shorts by new filmmakers and of their own producing. While sites like this exist already I think this one has promise. The first original film, Bloodbath is clever with a coy play on words to twist your brain.

From the creators: is intended to be your horror movie fan’s monthly fix where you can watch our latest short film and vote to choose what will appear in the next one. Our first short, Bloodbath, is already online and ballots are opened to visitors to help us choose where our next short will take place.  The results appear on our Facebook page at the end of each deadline and everyone can follow the creative process of our next short through production pics, videos,… well, you get the idea!

We created this site because we love horror in all its form and because we are blessed to work in the movie industry and can produce high quality stuff for very cheap. If things go well we would eventually like to help produce our fans' ideas and scripts.

So the first thing you should do is stop by the site, enter your age (ooo... doesn't that make it feel naughty) and watch their first short. Don't forget to to vote on the second short film that we'll be making its way to Bloodbath sometime this month. Festival season is upon us, so keep them in mind when your reviewing the entrants in your competition of choice.

Check them out here:BLOODBATH

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