Friday, May 11, 2012


Welcome to a new column I’ll be doing every so often called Kickstarter My Heart. This is where we help indy horror projects get the money they need to work their voodoo. It won’t always be fundraising or even Kickstarter related. It’s a fun graphic (anybody know where I got the source image?). A fun name. It’s just fun.

Do Ya’ll Like Southern Fried Urban Legends? Why Don’t You show this one some of our horror community hospitality. We’ve been following The Legend of Seven Toed Maggie in its infancy. It’s currently undergoing a rigorous IndieGoGo campaign and needs your support. Remember indy horror fans, this is from the same team that brought you Exit 101 (soon to be released by an indy horror distro company that I’m not sure if we’re allowed to reveal). If you enjoyed their previous work then hop on board this fundraising initiative. What’s better than ten toes? Missing three of ‘em.

Synopsis and info about filming (from the IndieGoGo site):

The film is based off of a real local urban legend, and a real location (don't go trying to find where it is, the cops will GET YOU!) in Cordele GA. The location has many different stories tied to it by those who were brave enough to travel to its location. Our film is meant to give a more detailed account of the legend and give it a more entertaining spin. This area is rich with history and old ghost stories making it the perfect setting for this kind of film. The story follows a young girl by the name of Mattie who has been bothered by a paranormal experience she had as a child, who seeks the help of new guy in town Zeke, who happens to be a member of a rag tag group of paranormal investigators called "G.H.O.S.T". Mattie convinces him and his team to set up camp at the location where she had her experience, which just so happens to be the spot where a church was built back during the civil war period. According to the locals, an indian slave named "Maggie" was brutally murdered there, with 3 of her toes being severed by her attackers leaving her with only 7. The locals dubbed her "Seven Toe Maggie" and claim her spirit still haunts the land. The film follows Mattie and her new friends as they try to unravel the secret behind Seven Toe Maggie. We are filming the majority of the film in a very historical house with a ton of history behind it. You can see it below:

Just in from Jospeh Lavender, we’ve got new footage that we hope will help your wallets open a bit easier. Perhaps make those credit card numbers easier to type. It’s a lighting and camera test that shows off some of J. Lavenders skills. Having enjoyed his work on Exit 101 (especially the gore!) I think you’ll want to see what this fella puts up next.

Let me know your thoughts below. Are you excited to see this production come to fruition? Did you like Exit 101? Here's what we had to say about it:

Follow the link to donate and support independent horror:

-Dr. Feelgood (Terror)

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