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This Ain't the Summer of Love Year 2: THE REVENGE OF HARRY POTTER, SR.

We're at it again... well... we're almost at it again. It's only just spring, mid-April, barely warm even if it did break 80 degrees hear in un-sunny Northwestern New Jersey. It's time to start thinking about what the horror fiends are gonna be doing all summer long. I can tell you now that this summer is shaping up to be just like last summer: full of plans but mostly without action. Keeping that in mind (that I can't seem to get my ass out of the house) I'm going to try and keep positive, tell you what I would love to be doing and maybe things will fall into place.

We're doing this a little earlier this year because we've got a lot happening in the bleed over period between Spring and Summer.

First off, I'll be at Chiller Theater in Parsippany, NJ. I need to see Zacherly one last time, get a good picture with him and smile. I also want to make sure I meet up with a couple of folks that I've been longing to meet for some time. David Warner, Udo Kier, Larry Cohen, Nancy Allen, Jeffrey Combs... it's a long list. Check it out HERE.

If Exhumed Film's 24 Hour Horror-thon has become the new Halloween for me than eX-Fest has become inklings that summer is right around the corner. That being said the sad truth is that I have never been to an eX-Fest. Not until this year that is. This year will be different. This year I have purchased a ticket and made the day fully available for a trip to Philadelphia, the iHouse to see my Exhumed bretheren. This event comes at the foot of a great cinematic mountain: A screening of the Whole Bloody Affair, the entire Kill Bill story, uncut and told in one long sitting. Hopefully this event will live up to the expectation set at the recent screening of Terror Train/Horror Express where eX-Fest was "advertised" as a preview for that event. I'll love it either way and still absolutely positively regret missing Ilsa She-Wolf of the SS on the goddamn big screen. It's a big bad black mark on my life so far. Let there be retribution at the 2013 eX. You can keep up to date on the Facebook page or on their website HERE. 24 Hour Horror-thon tickets will most likely go on sale in August. That's like waiting for them to announce Battle Royale.

Now I'll be playing a few shows this summer with my band the Third Street Cellar Dwellers. Why is this horror significant? Because we cover the theme song to True Blood, Jace Everett's "Bad Things", and Little Red Riding Hood by Sam Sham and the Pharaohs. While I used to cover Little Red Riding Hood with the Vaudeville Vampires, this is a song that we've been able to fit into our otherwise Blues/rock set. I have fun with it. I howl. I sorta pretend like I'm still a Vaudeville Vampire and even get excited to plot yet another attempt at a Halloween show in October (a pipe dream to be sure). We'll be playing JP Kelly's Bar in Great Meadows, NJ on May 25th, a party in Hackettstown August 3rd, The Cash Bash, Date TBA and May 4th at Bar 46 in Hackettstown NJ. Come listen to the Cellar Dweller's HOWL! Yes we were named after the movie Cellar Dweller though that's not what the band believes. 

Somewhere during the summer the Dead Air podcast guys (Jeff Konopka, Shawn Savage and myself) hope to be doing a Sleepaway Camp retrospective series. It's speculative at best right now, but that doesn't mean I won't drop the secret right here in this little little blog. We'll be going through all of the movies. ALL OF THEM! Best start memorizing the words to the Happy Camper song now and keep your tits growin'.  We'll announce more when we know, if we know... either way I'm watching the whole series. 

While no Dead 'Til Dawn Drive-In movie screening has been announced yet, we'll update you on the Facebook page HERE when we get word. 

Splatter Fest 1 Poster
We're also awaiting full details of Italian Splatterfest part 2 over at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA. After having a chat with a few folks it sounds like they've got plans that will be banned in at least 31 countries. As excited as I am for this event, the tentative date that has been throw around corresponds with my trip to the Outerbanks with the family. I have tried most excuses in the book and even a few new ones and thus far... I'm still going to be down the shore and perhaps watching along on my laptop while crying Cannibal Holocaust size ters. Keep an eye on the Dr. Terror Facebook page for details to that as well. We'll be promoting the absolute shit out of it during the month of July alongside Italian Horror Week 2... which we're going to announce formally... right... NOW!


Last year was an amazing turnout for Italian Horror Week. We had an amazing spike in readership and people had a great time. I learned more than a few things from all the contributors who were gratious enough to put forth efforts of unparalleled writing and passion. This year will be no different. Some new faces will enter the fray and we'll be brining back some old favorites. Topics will feature Italian Horror, Giallo and... BEYOND. We use Italian Horror as a jumping off point for a discussion on the entire scope of films, filmmakers, composers and actors from this area of the world, but it extends also to those who have been influenced by the Italian greats. We will also be featuring the new work of several Italian filmmakers who are striving to breakthrough and create the next resainsance in Italian cinema. Horror Lives in Italy! 

We'll be promoting the ever-loving shit out Italian Horror Week starting now. You'll know when things are happening, how to enter our giveaways, when to tune in to follow your favorite writers and by all means, participate with your favorite Italian Horror stories and spread the word. More on that soon.

The Whole Bloody Affair... Kill Bill from start to finish. This June I will be joining the Exhumed Films crowd for a special event wear the only twice shown version of Kill Bill, the whole damn thing, will be screened for a sold out audience. I'm excited. I never got to see Kill Bill in the theater and I regretted it wholesale. We'll write it up of course, but the power of this event cannot be understated. Yeah, you can watch it in your living room, but you can't watch it with an Exhumed audience. You can't see it on glorious 35mm. You can't. We will. Hopefully we'll have a few friends along.

Aside from the Exhumed Films screenigns I might attend there are a number of other very important 35mm events. I hope to make them all, but as we have discussed before... the chances are slim to none that I'll make everthing.

Crystal Plumage Films will be announcing an event this Friday at their screening of City of the Walking Dead and Joysticks and a special preview screening of the new trailer for Midnight Show that will detail their June event. I can assure you that this announcement will fucking rock though I haven't the slightest clue as to what they'll be saying. Best thing to do is to make your way to the Forum Theater in Metuchen, NJ to find out. Still not sure if I can make that screen though I can assure you that I want to. They also have a screening of Just Before Dawn on May 10th featuring the director in attendance.You can get all the details by following Crystal Plumage Films on Facebook. See full Dr. TERROR write up HERE

Hudson Horror Show 7 is June 8th and you can buy tickets now. This event is incredible in scope of film selection for sure, but I can only imagine how much love this line up is going to feel from their electric crowd. Films include Army of Darkness, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Gone with the Pope, Ultra-Man and a 5th MYSTERY MOVIE... See full write up HERE. Make sure to follow Hudson Horror Show HERE so you can keep up with the news about this event and future events. They do two year. You'll wish they did more. 

That wraps it up for now. Otherwise I'll mostly be sucking down virgin Pina Coladas, eating nacho grande platters and enjoying the company of people in bars waiting to give Rose McGowan a ride home so I can torture and kill her with my scary car. I hope to make it to Sleepy Hollow this summer. To Camp Crystal Lake... or um... the Boy Scout Camp formerly known as Camp Crystal Lake. I'd love to make it to Martha's Vineyard to see where Jaws was filmed, Amityville to see the infamous house of horrors (Scream Factory's putting out three of the movies coming soon too). I'd even love to make it to the Jersey shore to see where a few of the scenes from Creepshow were filmed. We'll see. Maybe we'll even get together with Frank Browning, Jeff Konopka and Shawn Savage at some point.

As far as movies in the theaer... while I wanna see Maniac and The Purge, Maniac will never play near me and The Purge actually makes me feel unnerved in a bad way (as in not entertained). The Conjuring this July coincides with the end of Italian Horror Week and I'm sure we'll be enjoying a podcast about that on Dead Air. You're next comes out in August 23rd. I'll be leaving for vacation around then but fingers crossed that I make it to the theater prior to my departure. Early September brings us I, Frankenstein and Machete Kills and of course Insidious 2. What are you looking forward to?

Of course there's always the Carrie remake... 

The only thing that is certain is that I'll be writing alot. I'll watch a lot of fucking movies, and I'll be glad to have you along for the ride. 


For thos of you who are confused by the title. Please enjoy Harry Potter Sr. from Troll dancing to Summer Time Blues while his kids unlock an ancient world that will kill a few people an destroy a building. 

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