Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NEW HORROR SITE UPDATE: SPANISH FEAR Site Launch! Get in Touch with Your Spanish Horror Favorites.

I know that I talk about Italian Horror quite a lot around here, but did you know that I like horror from just about every region of the planet? We have a project coming up that will be a fun way to express that love of all things horror from a global perspective, but right now I want to draw your attention to a great place to get all your Spanish horror news, editorials, podcasts and more. SPANISH FEAR is a new horror site that will focus on all things Spanish horror.

Take a look at their content. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter @SpanishFear. Bookmark their page and educate yourself. In recent years there has been a resurgence of classic Spanish horror making its way to DVD and Blu-ray. This can help you navigate the old while introducing you to some new faces. The dark cinema of Spain is alive and well and needs your  support. Thanks to Elena from Horror Rises from Spain for letting us know about this treat of a site and for giving us something wonderful to enjoy that celebrates Naschy and beyond!

Anyone down for a Spanish Horror Week in the future?

Full release notes from Spanish Fear.


Dear aficionados of the Spanish Horror genre we are happy to announce a new site that may be of your interest. Its name:Spanish Fear. The site has been create with the spirit of gathering together different projects, in the making or already done, so everybody can know what’s going on here. Spanish Fear will feed your hunger for Spanish horror in several ways because here you will find the latest news, all about Spanish short movies, feature films, new DVD / Blu Ray releases, premiers, mags and zines, b- flicks, oldies and classics, interviews with directors and stars, special guests, events and podcasts as for example Horror Rises from Spain.

We hope soon it becomes your Spanish Horror must.

We have started this new adventure with the following menĂ¹:

A special look at Open Windows, latest Nacho Vigalondo’s movie.

A new episode of Horror Rises from Spain podcast where you can find interviews to nacho Vigalondo and James Harris, the one in charge of the Italian Horror Week.

A preview of the upcoming Spanish Horror flick called Wax

And latest Julian Lara’s short movie review.

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