Sunday, September 7, 2014

Mai Lin vs. Serena and Oriental Hawaii (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - The Peekarama Continues

What a strange double feature the Peekarama from Vinegar Syndrome has yielded this time around. Mai Lin vs. Serena and Oriental Hawaii have completely different feels. On one hand you have a movie that is a fest of orgies. Plain and simple. There isn't much dilly dally, and there's a story line somewhere. The other movie features a build up to... a massive fuck fest. Well... I suppose Carlos Tobalina has a clearly defined vision of what he wants to see in an adult feature. We've reviewed Tobalina's work before in the off the wall, jungle sexcapade, Jungle Blue and Marilyn and the Senator. These are over the top in different ways, but it's clear that this filmmaker loves excess.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome - Superstars Mai Lin and Serena enter a sexual battle while vying for the starring role in Carlos Tobalina’s next film.
This movie opens on a 20 minute long orgy at a restaurant that features some classic beer signage that simply must be seen and enjoyed. Celebrated even. The orgy itself... it's an orgy. The signs though! Following the first orgy... another orgy. This time it's a lesbian orgy (please note the Schlitz sign in the background). One guy walks in, grabs his junk, pours himself a drink and then... more guys walk in and start a separate version of the same orgy continuing. 

What you really want to think about while watching Mai Lin vs. Serena is just how blue the bartender's balls are. You feel honestly bad for the guy. At least he gets a break when the scene cuts to a jailhouse with a duo fucking with excellent hats on. What could follow group fuck with hats? How about a pink bath tub in the middle of the room with yet another orgy.. THIS TIME WITH MASKS! 

This bukake fest quickly turns into a work out which gives way to nap time. That was a work out for your right hand now wasn't it?


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome - Journey to the state of Hawaii, where incredible culture and sexual rituals are performed every day!

This one opens up with another one of those quad screen intros of the beach. The music is priceless and we should all thank Jay Rando for his work on both features. This particular musical endeavor is performed by The Section.

This is a very cinematic feature with good coloring. I mean it looks like a run of the mill movie as opposed to a sleaze adult feature with Hawaiian elements (which it is of course). This movie is chock full of perfectly 80's women with bad dialogue. 

There's plenty of variety in the sexual encounters unlike Mai Lin vs. Serena that focuses mostly on orgies but don't let that fool you. There's an orgy on the rise. You get a little four way with two blonds and two Asian girls including dildos and KALEIDOSCOPE VISION! The opening lesbian sequence with toys may be one of my favorite scenes by far between the look of the leads and their tans lines. 

There's a certain amount of tension in this particular release. You're waiting to find out why everyone is so hot and bothered and how they want to make sense of their strange intermingling. 

You can order this feature from Vinegar Syndrome now. 

Features Include:

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned in 2k from 35mm Original Camera Negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both films

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