Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cub (Artsploitation Blu-ray) - This Ain't Your Daddy's Apprentice

Artsploitation Films continues to challenge us in the best way possible by unloading foreign movies onto US soil that are cutting edge, gut wrenching and thougful. Thus is the case with their new Blu-ray release of Cub. If the cover doesn’t entice you in, then perhaps the embroidered patch will. From the moment I laid eyes on the promotional artwork I didn’t know what to expect, but I was unsettled. My feeling of unease continued as I browed through Rue Morgue magazine (Cub got the cover last month!). Just what the Hell was I looking at and how was Artsploitation going to attack my senses this time.

As it turns out this is one brutal forest based horror picture with what almost looks like redneck mountain man death machine and his little apprentice (the titular cub if you will). It’s brutal in much the way you imagine Hillbilly Horror or Redneck Horror. The real difference is the little guy. This relentless, high speed force of nature, brutal in attack and method at destroying its prey. The movements of this character are intimidating and frightening.  The killer… the experienced, wise sage of a teacher to the “cub” is a straight forward baddy. You’ve seen this guy before but perhaps this time around his motives seem almost, fatherly. It won’t make you wax nostalgic for dear old dad, but you’ll be conflicted at times, wanting to end the tension and the attacks while still preserving young life.

Ultimately this has a great twist of an ending (Artsploitation sure knows how to pick em) and solid performances all around, especially the young actors. It looks fantastic on Blu-ray, the cover is still creepy and the embroidered patch is instantly collectible. Very cool marketing idea. Some nice extras on the Blu-ray including a music video and short film.

You can order your copy of Cub now (also known as Welp). Perfect for those late summer camping trips or your next Scout Master meeting.

From Artsploitation:

This dark, bloody, imaginative fairy tale about a camping trip that turns into deadly carnage draws on such influences as Lord of the Rings, Friday the 13th and The Devil’s Backbone. The story follows 12-year-old outcast Sam who, along with his troop of cub scouts and their teenage supervisors, camp in woods rumored to house a mysterious and deadly werewolf. Inquisitive Sam, certain the woods are inhibited by something evil, soon stumbles upon a feral young boy and, eventually, his evil psychopathic mentor. But convincing the others of the danger falls on deaf ears, and soon ingenious traps begin to take their violent toll on the group. A wildly entertaining “killer in the woods” actioner.
Bonus features: Deleted scenes, SFX reel, Short film (Blu-only), Music video (Blu-only), Trailers

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